For the Love of Women ~ Men who love women are loved by women

Secret for Success with Women and Dating ~

Love women.

Love everything about them. The way they spend forever and a day getting ready before a night out. The way they smile when they’re in a state of total bliss. The way they always seem to smell amazing. The way they can seemingly instantly shift from a place of total happiness to a place of total sadness. The way they giggle in delight when you’re both totally present and flirting in the moment together.

Love them with the entirety of your being and you’ll never struggle to find a great girlfriend again. In fact, the only thing you’ll struggle with is finding time to accommodate all of the women vying for your loving attention.

Rare indeed is a man who embodies the ideal I’ve described above. You can transform into one of these rare men if you’re willing to implement a few regular practices into your life. Yes, implementing these practices will take some time and effort, but I assure you the time invested is absolutely worth it.

Changing the Way You Relate to Women

Pay close attention to the words you use to describe women when chatting with your buddies or when thinking about them to yourself. Are you referring to them as hos similar derogatory terms or do you refer to them respectfully as women? The words you use to describe something profoundly impact the way you relate to that thing. Observe your word selection (constant awareness is key), and if changes need to be made then make them.

Learn to relate to women on an energetic level rather than on a body level. This is going to sound like New Age mumbo jumbo to some of you; I understand. But if you can get past your ego’s judgment of my initial statement, you will discover a powerful new way of relating to women. Most men walk around and judge women, filing them into categories based on what their body wants (physical attractiveness) or based on their personal preferences (personality, intelligence, qualifications, etc).

You can never love women if this is how you relate to them. The only way to truly loveall women (the secret to dating success) is to relate to their  feminine energy. If you pay close attention to women when no one else is watching them (not at a bar or club), you’ll notice how different their energy is than men’s (for the most part, although there is a small percentage of men with a feminine core and small percentage of women with a masculine core). It’s more gentle, open, sweet, nurturing, innocent, present, and mercurial. The energetic difference is evident in their being, and you must train yourself to be sensitive to it.

Over time, as your sensitivity to a woman’s energy develops, you’ll start to notice yourself flirting playfully with women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ll notice that older women have a focus and depth to their feminine energy that younger women haven’t yet developed. You’ll notice that younger women have tremendously powerful, yet unfocused radiant energy that emanates from their being in unpredictable fashion.

When you find yourself being able to make these subtle energetic distinctions, you have learned to truly love all women because you’re now relating to something they all have in common: their feminine energy.

Parting Words

A world of abundant success with women and dating is waiting for you, but first you must learn to love women with the entirety of your being. Follow the steps outlined above, and it’s only a matter of time before women are breaking your door down just to be in your presence.

Once this world of abundance reveals itself to you, then you will have another problem on your hands. How will you choose the woman you want to be with from the enormous pool of women who want to be with you?

Perhaps you won’t want to choose. Maybe you’ll feel like it’s your responsibility to love them all the same.

If you’re not Superman and want to settle down with one amazing woman, you can decide which woman is most compatible for you.

Copyright Lady Roselyn @ 2014


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